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Identification Number and Registration: PT04003HSFL2

The Welfare Animal Park was declared as of Public Interests according to the terms publish by Dec-Lei n.º 391/2007, of December 3rd.

St. Lazarus Animal Park is an unique project in Portugal and it focuses on treatment of homeless or abused pets.

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Dignify the animals, offer them well being, defend their rights and sensibilize our kind to this principals are our objectives.


Pets can be adopted or patronized.

This shelter has two employees, is managed by APAAE, that supervise treatments and medical-cares to animals and the park maintenance.

They live in freedom in green zones and have wood and zinc shelters. At winter these shelters have heating and at summer the natural conditions of the park allow a comfortable space with water and tree shadows.

This Sanctuary has got several services such as Vet Office, Bath and Shears Area, Quarantine Area, kitchen, warehouse for food and materials, a little shelter for cats, an area for visitors reception, a canine hotel and a covered parking.

This shelter is usually visited by schools and target on several solidarity campaigns and studies.

Here there are made more than a few studies, such as The First Study about Homeless Pets in Castelo Branco (2006), and the First Research about Pets in Castelo Branco residences (2006). On the subject of this study it was concluded that 45% have, at least, one pet.

There are also Seminars, trainings, and a procedure with IRS (Social Services) for community service established by Judicial Terms.

      Fazemos Tosquias, Banhos e temos Centro de Férias para o seu animal. Vamos buscar o animal ao seu domicílio.           Fazemos Tosqui
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10 May 18


Um inquérito da iniciativa da APAAE foi levado a cabo junto de todas as turmas do 12º ano das escolas de Castelo Branco, pelos respetivos Diretores de Turma, sobre o que estes jovens, pensam acerca da realização de touradas.
Revelou que 80% dos inquiridos são contrários à realização das mesmas.
Um número tão expressivo deverá fazer-nos refletir.

10 May 16

Consulázaro, 3º Aniversário

O Consultório Veterinário da APAAE assinala três anos ao serviço do bem estar de todos os animais, de todos os donos.
Consultas, RX, ecografias, vacinas, castrações, banhos e tosquias.

10 May 16

Comunicado da APAAE

Esterilizar e Castrar é Amar»»

09 May 16

18 Anos sem Abates

A APAAE comemora em 2016, dezoito anos sem abates no concelho de Castelo Branco.
Esperemos que rápidamente este novo paradigma deixe de ser exceção e passe a regra em todo o país!

06 May 16

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